Internship in own company?

Use your study time on your company – get supervision here

As a student at Business Academy Aarhus, you can do your internship in your own company. Over the six months of your internship, you can either work to establish your own company or you can work to develop an already existing company.

You must be a member of GROW if you do your internship in your own company. A membership that is totally free.

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Who can do an internship in their own company?

All students can take their compulsory internship in their own company. The only thing it requires is that you have a good idea and the courage to act on it.

You must of course comply with the programme rules for internships in your own company. If you are unsure about the rules for your particular programme, ask your lecturers.

Get office space in GROW during your internship

When you do your internship in your own company, you can get office space in GROW’s office community at Sønderhøj 48 in Viby.

Here you can get, among other things: 

  • free office space and an address
  • access to GROW 24 hours a day
  • kitchen facilities with a fridge and microwave
  • the option for storing documents, books etc. in your own lockable draw
  • access to an interdisciplinary network
  • sparring and guidance from lecturers with knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship
  • free access to meeting rooms

You will get office space throughout your internship period, i.e. 1/2-31/7 or 1/8-31/1. If you want to keep your office space after your internship, you can apply for an extension.

Get office space in GROW

Please note that we have a limited number of office spaces. 

CREATE – make your own prototypes

As a member of GROW, you get access to our makers lab, CREATE. Here you can use all our tools for creating prototypes as much as you like. We have, for example, a 3D printer, virtual reality, foil cutting and assorted cardboard, paper, tape and glue.

You will find CREATE at Sønderhøj 30, room AM.23 (on the mezzanine level of A building).

If you have any questions or need any specific guidance, when you are in CREATE -  you can contact Jonas Wehding on phone 7228 6385 or email:

Do you want to know more?

Do you have any questions about an internship in your own company? Is this an option for you? Then you are very welcome to visit us at Sønderhøj 48 or contact the coordinator for GROW, Pernille Løve Kongensgaard on 7228 6145 or 

Become a member of GROW

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Meet the entrepreneurs in GROW

Be inspired by the entrepreneurs who got their companies to  prosper in GROW. 

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