Arriving and living in Aarhus

We recommend that you arrive in Aarhus at least a few days (and preferably more) before beginning your studies. This will give you time to settle in and to get acquainted with the city before starting classes.

You can ask your buddy practical questions if you can't find the answers here. 

Getting to Aarhus 

What to pack


  • The climate in Denmark varies but spring and summer are generally temperate or warm. Autumn and winter are windy, but the temperature during the day is rarely excessively cold although it can get below freezing. You will need warm clothing – a warm coat and waterproof shoes are advisable. 

Documents and Money

  • Tickets and insurance papers
  • Passport
  • "Letter of Admission” and other relevant documents
  • Money and/or credit card

Other Things

  • Laptop
  • Sheets/linen and towels. The Academy provides you with a duvet and a pillow
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances (220V)

Registration and CPR number

As an exchange student coming to Denmark, you will need to be registered in Denmark and get a so-called CPR number.

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About Aarhus

One of the world's smallest big cities - with everything a city needs.

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Get a Buddy

As an exchange student at Business Academy Aarhus you will get a Buddy who will help you to settle in and answer your questions.

What is a buddy?