The typical monthly rent for a room in a dorm is approximately € 375. If you accept the housing offer you are required to transfer the rent for the first month + a deposit (3 months rent) which is approximately € 1125 before moving in, all-in-all about € 1500. 

The deposit is our assurance that you leave the room in the same condition that you received it. Any damages and lack of adequate cleaning of your room will be deducted from the deposit. You can also expect to have at least € 70 deducted for general wear and tear.

The money must be transferred prior to your arrival. Only your deposit and the rent for the first month are paid to Business Academy Aarhus.

Payments for the following months must be made directly to the central student housing association in Aarhus (Kollegiekontoret). Revolut, Wise and other transfer platforms have changed the format in which they move money globally. This means that when Kollegiekontoret receives a transfer made with Revolut for example, any information the sender types in (name, lease no. etc.) does not appear on the transfer receipt they receive. The only information available is the transfer date, amount and that that transfer has been made using Revolut. Therefore, when making payments using transfer platforms like Revolut, Wise etc., please send your receipt to This is the only way Kollegiekontoret can identify the sender. Please note there will be no response to receipt emails, but confirmation will be sent when the payment has been matched with the receipt.

Please note that upon arrival and departure, you will have to pay for a full month, even though you arrive/leave in the middle of a month. This is due to the fact that in order for us to reserve the rooms in the dormitories for our exchange students, we need to apply for whole months.