Skjoldhøj Kollegiet

Address: Spobjergvej 6, 8220 Brabrand

Skjoldhøj Kollegiet is Denmark’s second largest dorm with more than a 1.000 residents.

Skjoldhøj is located in Brabrand in the western part of Aarhus. Besides rooms and flats, you will find a grocery shop, a bar, a sauna, a nursery, a music room and other activity rooms. The Skjoldhøj union also includes a fitness club (Skjoldpower), a pool club and a football club (F. C. Skjoldhøgene).

There is no reception at Skjoldhøj, but you can contact the caretaker if you have any questions regarding your accommodation.

Please note that you might share a bathroom with other residents – both male and female.

Pictures from Skjoldhøj Kollegiet

How to get from Skjoldhøj Kollegiet to Business Academy Aarhus, Sønderhøj Campus

Bus 4A from Brabrand Nord – Skoldhøjkollegiet Spobjergvej to Holme Ringvej/Pihlkjærsvej. Direct route every 10 minutes. The trip takes 41 minutes. You need to walk 10 minutes to/from stops.

The Academy is also easily accessible by bike.

Getting to Aarhus

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