What we do

The library offers:

The librarians administer physical books, digital and print final projects / bachelor's projects, AV equipment, newspapers, magazines and databases. The subject field in the physical library covers the programmes at Tretommervej 31.

  • Use 'SearchRenewReserve' in the menu to search and reserve books, mags and projects.
    Our databases covers a broad range of subjects and media.
  • Learn more in the menu 'Resources'
  • Book AV-equipment, (cameras, sound recording devices etc.),for your projects. 
    Learn more in the menu 'Borrow equipment'.

Library courses

During your time here, you'll meet the librarians a couple of times for timetabled courses. The courses are always connected with a specific project.

How to borrow

Your borrower's number is your Danish Social Security number. Use your student ID or the yellow card as ID.

When registered, you're able to request books from all Danish libraries (public, educational. governmental and research libraries). It's absolutely free to use the national library service bibliotek.dk as well.

How to get in touch with YOU?

The school email is the default communication line between library and student - but you may choose otherwise. Edit your e-mail information in the library database - or enter a mobile phone number for text/SMS service.
When editing your personal data in the library database, please remember to change preferred language to English - then all communication from the library system will be in english.

Book a librarian

When needed, students may book a librarian for source guidance when researching for a bigger project, ie. the final paper or bachelor project.