Academic articles

What do YOU get from an academic article?

Academic articles deal with topics at a higher academic level than newspaper articles. The world is described based on scientific research and data collection - eg. a study of which business models works best for sharing economy enterprises.

  • The research is more in-depth than if it were researched by a media company - and is a valid basis for your own empirical data (your field work).
  • Academic articles are difficult to read - learn “how to read an academic article” via the video link video at the bottom of the page :-)

Where can you find academic articles?

  • Business Academy Aarhus subscribes to the article database EBSCO Business Source Complete and links to several other professionally oriented article databases (learn more in the menu 'E-resources') where you can search for and download research articles.
  • Google's younger brother Google Scholar links to material from publishing houses and educational institutions - eg. books, bachelor projects and academic articles. Unfortunately, there is not always free & full access to the texts (this can also happen in EBSCO and other databases we have access to): what to do?
  • Use the order service “” - here you can search for the articles that you otherwise do not have access to and order them for free to either your local library or to the BAAA library.
    NB: Use your EAA username as 'local user number' (if you'd like to pick the article up here) and four random numbers as a pin.

How do you read an academic article?

It's not the same as a textbook, or a novel - to be most effective, you'll need to treat it in a specific way. Learn this way from the short video below: