Source management

Plagiarism and source management

Guides to the Harvard Standard

  • The thorough
    Everything about the Harvard Referencing system. Rules, how to make references and compile the bibliography. From the library at Anglia Ruskin University.

  • The local
    The librarians at Business Academy Aarhus have made a short guide on the basic Harvard standard rules, compile a list of sources as they should look in the bibliography (sporting examples from BAAAs databases), and explain the what, why and how about appendixes.

  • Guide: How to handle personal data in your projects​ (opens in Canvas)

Reference Management tool Zotero

Zotero is a free reference managing tool. It comes in two parts:Part one ('Zotero' as browser plugin or 'Zotero standalone') keeps track on your bibliographies. It has more features, but one of the better ones are that a group can share a source list between them. Books can be found via ISBN. Online resources are registered automatically.

Often you'll need to register sources manually - and edit the registration of online sources. In these cases, do consult the case collection in our local harvard guide (above). Doing this, you'll be able to check which data are necessary for the source in question.
Part two of Zotero is an add-on for Word and other text processors - this part keeps track on references.