Using the library at Tretommervej

The library at Tretommervej is open 24 hours a day, for students at Business Academy Aarhus. There are a few ground rules when using the library:

  • Please remember to borrow the books via the library computer before you leave
  • Please remember to NEVER put the books back on the shelf, but leave them either on the book cart or in the drop-box on the floor
  • Please remember that this is a public library for students, so clean up after yourself
  • Magazines must be read in the library - the newest edition is on the magazine shelf, older editions are found in the white cartridges next to the Servicedesk table
  • You can borrow a book for 14 days at a time and renew them yourself via our website (Find books) - if you need them for a longer period of time, contact the librarian