Student Card

Your student card is your identification when you are at the Academy, or in other situations when you must prove that you are a student. Remember that you must always bring your student card to your exam as identification.

Your student card is also a key card that gives you access to Business Academy Aarhus’ buildings outside of normal opening hours.

You can also use your student card to get student discounts on public transport, at museums, cinemas, bars and at many other places.

How to get your student card

In your letter of admission and in your letter of welcome, there is a link to Safeticket, where you must pay your material fees. The deadline for payment is 15 September 2018.

Notice that all international students have paid material fee before study start.

Your student card will be handed out once you have had your photograph taken, and we have registered your material fee payment. There are photo booths at Sønderhøj 30, Hasselager Allé 8 and Ringvej Syd 104.

The student card will be handed out at fixed times. Keep an eye on Study Update (our intranet for students) for the exact times.

Student cards will be handed out at the following places:

  • Students at Sønderhøj must pick up their student cards from a hand-out at Sønderhøj 30
  • Students at Ringvej Syd must pick up their student cards from the reception at Ringvej Syd 104
  • Students at Hasselager Allé must pick up their student cards from the programme secretaries at Hasselager Allé 8

For pick-up, you must bring your pdf receipt from Safeticket, the part that shows the bar code. You must also show picture ID.

Requirements for the photo

At the photo booth there is a description of the requirements for the photo. If the photograph does not live up to these requirements, the card can be rejected. The price for a new card is an extra DKK 50. You must pay through Safeticket, and you must present this receipt along with your material fee receipt before your card will be handed out. Both receipts will be scanned.

Replacement card

If you lose your card, please contact the Reception at Write that you have lost your card, that a new one must be printed, and provide your name and your CPR number. The price for a new student card is 200 DKK, to be paid via the Safeticket link that we will send to you. The new card will be handed out upon presentation of your Safeticket receipt (needed for scanning).

Possible reimbursement if you leave

If you leave your programme no later than 1 October 2018, you can get  your material fee refunded. If you leave after this date, you will be charged the full fee.

Expenses for book packs and intro-trips are non-refundable.