Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology

Bachelor's top-up programme

We want to welcome you as a new student on the Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

Study start is Monday 4 February

The first day of your programme is Monday 4 February 2019 at 10.00.

We will meet at Hasselager Allé 8, 8260 Viby J - the room number will appear on the board in the hall.

Book list - and other important documents

Book list - Chemical and Biotechnical Technology (pdf) - updated 20/12
Book list - Food Technology (pdf) - updated 3/12
Intro programme for the programme (pdf) - updated 17/1 
Joint social intro programme (pdf) - updated 5/12
Activity plan (pdf) - updated 3/12

Requirements for your computer

Sea all requirements here

Do I get more info before study start?

The page will be updated with possible new info every Friday until study start. 

A week before study start you will receive a welcome e–mail with more information about your study start.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact the secretary at your programme: Trine Nedergaard Pedersen

Questions about SU can only be answered by our SU Office

Do you have any questions? Check our FAQ for new students

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Handbook for students at Hasselager Allé campus

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