Residency Permit and CPR (Personal Identification Number)

Save the date: Friday 24 August from 9-12.

We have arranged for incoming EU/EAA students to get both residency permit and CPR (Personal Identification Number) as part of the orientation days to Business Academy Aarhus. Please save Friday 24 August from 9-12 for this. You will receive further details about this directly.

Please be aware that this takes place at: State Administration Office, Lyseng Allé 1, 8270 Højbjerg.

All paperwork from this day is fast-tracked, so you will receive your residence certificate and CPR number a lot quicker than normal.

If you arrive in Denmark more than 6 weeks before semester start, or are unable to attend this day, you will need to arrange these permits yourself. 

Get more information on permits here 

What you need bring:

  • Passport/ID card
  • 2 copies of passport (only photo page OR 2 copies of ID card (both sides)
  • 1 passport photo (real photo, not printed copy)
  • 1 copy of your Confirmation attest from the Academy
  • 1 copy of the blue EU health card (both sides)
  • Application form for residence certificate (PDF online here). Filled out before!
  • Application form for CPR (PDF online here). Filled out before. ONLY if you live in Aarhus Municipality (if you live outside of the Aarhus Municipality, you need to visit the local Citizen Services)
  • Documentation of your Danish address (for at least 4 weeks). You need to bring prove that rent has been paid for the 4 weeks.

Please be aware that the International Office cannot make copies for you on the day.

Failure to have the correct and completed documents will delay the process greatly and result in you having to complete the process individually at a later date.