Career options

Agro Business and Landscape Management

Agro Business and Landscape Management graduates work with applied natural science and typically form the link between practical hands-on tasks and the more theoretical aspects of desktop work. You will typically be employed by private consulting companies, companies with overseas branches and NGO’s. 

The following are among your career options: 

Water environment – surface water and ground water 

  • Care and restoration of wetlands, lakes and water courses
  • Monitoring, sampling and evaluation of environmental standards
  • Groundwater protection
  • Sampling of wastewater, potable water and bathing water
  • Assessment of the impact of nutrients
  • Water environment improvement

Nature areas

  • Planning and organisation of nature preservation
  • Registration and assessment of nature quality
  • Assessment of the impact of nutrients and other threats
  • Area administration
  • Nature restoration

Soil pollution and environmental management 

  • Mapping
  • Sampling
  • Soil cleansing
  • Environmental inspections of companies

Farming and other industries 

  • Nature schemes and biotope enhancement measures
  • Game management
  • Environmental inspections
  • Environmental approvals
  • Quality control

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