The programme

We have listened to the business community and made our programme even more functional.

The AP Degree in Marketing Management is a 2-year higher education where you will get the skills to plan and implement marketing, sales and communication tasks. The programme is close to practice and you get real-life experiences during the programme through an internship in a relevant company – this ensures that you as a graduate are well equipped to handle your future job.

Interdisciplinary and specialisations

The programme’s four semesters are based on six subject areas, three elective courses, an internship and a final project. The focal point is marketing and sales. A good marketing and sales person is a businessperson who is able to interpret the entire business.

The programme is interdisciplinary with a marketing base. In the programme’s first year you will have compulsory subjects. After this, in the third and fourth semester, you can specialise according to the direction you want your career to take. Examples of electives are ‘digital marketing and e-commerce’ or ‘procurement and negotiation’ and consists of three elective courses, an internship and a final exam. It is possible to take the third and fourth semester abroad.

The programme is structured around the following programme elements, each with their interdisciplinary content:

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester4th semester

Business understanding 
(10 ECTS)

Market understanding 
(10 ECTS)

Market analysis 
(10 ECTS)

Marketing plan - strategy and tactics
(20 ECTS)

Marketing plan - implementation
(10 ECTS)

(10 ECTS)

(20 ECTS)

3 month internship in a company 
(15 ECTS)

Final exam project
(15 ECTS)

Go abroad

You have excellent opportunities to give your studies an international touch. You can go abroad to study or do your internship in the third or fourth semester. You can also choose to substitute one of your electives with a Summer School stay.

Daily life as a student

Teaching at Business Academy Aarhus is based on dialogue and conducted in small classes. We work with specific and realistic cases, organise seminars, visit companies and go on study tours. You will acquire knowledge within each discipline through the lecturers' presentations and group work with fellow students.

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Study trip

A study trip to an exciting European destination is a compulsary part of the programme. We will conduct analyses for specific companies, go on company visits and possibly visit a partner university. The student must expect an additional expense of approximately 5000 DKK for the trip. 


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