Daily life as a student

Marketing Management

Group work, classes with 30 students in each, tuition based very much on dialogue and cases, close contact with real companies, and close contact with lecturers. This is daily life for a student at Business Academy Aarhus.

The fact that tuition takes places in classroom settings is an excellent basis for creating a good social environment for your studies. Things are always lively at the Academy which hums with students attending classes and working on projects.

A programme with a practical bias

We do everything we can to ensure that you become suitable for a job in this trade or industry. This is why we cooperate with real companies who either visit us at the Academy or we go to visit them to learn from their experiences. 

In each semester you will work with a company on a project. You can specialise your degree by choosing companies that you are interested in.

The internship in the fourth semester is an obvious opportunity for you to get a foot inside the type of industry that you would later like to work in and to learn specifically about the assignments you would be expected to undertake.

Tuition based on dialogue and cases

We are proud to offer you both lectures and tuition. The lecturers always make room for questions, discussions and comments – just like they readily assist with academic questions when you work in groups or on projects.

For much of the tuition time you will get an opportunity to work with assignments that are based on the theoretical issues that are the topic of the moment. The subjects will focus on how to apply theory to solve specific problems.

You will be doing a lot of group work. In our opinion this is the best way to prepare you for your working life once you have earned your degree.

More about the study environment