Elective subjects

On the Marketing Management programme, in the third semester, we have elective elements worth 
a total of 20 ECTS credits. You can choose different elective bundles and you must always complete 20 ECTS.

The purpose of these elective modules on the 3rd semester is to offer you the opportunity of an individual study profile with academic immersion within the programme’s subject area.

The subjects may change from year to year. These are the electives for the Autumn semesters 2016-2018. The elective elements are offered in ‘bundles’ and subjects in a bundle cannot be combined with any subjects from other bundles. This is due to scheduling of classes.

As part of your electives on the 3rd semester, you can participate in a summer school abroad

Please note that some electives might be necessary admission requirements for further education at another university. Read more about further studies


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