Internship and final project

Marketing Management

The fourth semester of the programme consists of an internship and a final project report. You have the opportunity to specialise according to your interests and career plans since you choose your own internship company and the subject of your final report. 



You begin the fourth semester with an internship that lasts between three and six months in a relevant company in Denmark or elsewhere. The internship will allow you to combine your theoretical knowledge with the practical work you do in a company and you will acquire experience that you can benefit from. 

Although it is your own responsibility to find an internship company the Academy helps by making a long range of contacts available to you. 

See examples of internship companies

You can also go abroad for your internship. 

Final exam project


The final exam project is a large report where you must address a complex issue and set up a specific action plan to address a problem.

Many students choose to write their final exam project in the company of their internship.