Multimedia Design and Communication

An AP Degree Programme in Multimedia Design and Communication qualifies students for key functions within a number of trades and industries. Typical areas of work could be digital media companies, service providers, production companies and educational institutions, both within the private and the public sector. You will work with subjects like digital design, content production, user experience design (UX design), frontend development and frontend design. 

The programme covers four semesters - each lasting 6 months - and contains a compulsory part and an elective part. The compulsory part contains courses within the following subject areas:

  • Business
  • Communication strategy and dissemination
  • Design and visualisation
  • Interaction

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1st semester2nd semester3rd semester4th semester

Development methods and understanding business
(5 ECTS)

Digital media and understanding users
(5 ECTS)

Design process and digtal design
(10 ECTS)

Frontend development
(10 ECTS)

Planning larger multimedia productions
(5 ECTS)

Context production and digital UX
(5 ECTS)

User-centered design and data visualisation
(10 ECTS)

Programming and use of data
(10 ECTS)

(10 ECTS)

Digital business models
(5 ECTS)

Digital trends and innovative communication
(5 ECTS)

Advanced programming 
(5 ECTS)

International trends in digital design
(5 ECTS)

(15 ECTS)

Main project
(15 ECTS)



During your fourth semester, you must complete a three-month internship in a company either in Denmark or abroad. This gives you an opportunity to develop a unique profile through in-depth study of topics of particular interest to you. 

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After your internship, you finish your studies by preparing a main project, which you often complete in collaboration with a company in Denmark or abroad. 

Teaching methods 

The teaching alternates between classroom teaching, assignments, cases, workshops and last, but not least, project work. For each semester, we spice up the teaching with a number of inspiring presentations and lectures by representatives from the business community and research institutions.

As a student on the Multimedia Design and Communication programme, you are expected to bring your own laptop which is suitable for multimedia production. 

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