Compulsory subjects


... qualifies the student to understand business and organisation, and processes in relation to the development or use of multimedia applications. The subject includes: understanding business, estimation of multimedia projects, understanding and analysis of data in digital business and development methods.


... qualifies the student to understand digital media, produce digital content, understand users and design user experiences with the aim of applying these in multimedia projects. The subject includes: user experience (UX) theories, test methods, information architecture and user-centered content production.

Design and visualisation 

... qualifies the student to work methodically with the design process in dialogue with other professionals. The subject includes: design processes, design of user interfaces, digital design, digital media elements and user-centered design.

Interaction development

... qualifies the student to develop frontend solutions including visualisation of data. The subject includes: frontend development, programming user interfaces, handling data communication and visualising the data in the frontend.

The subject areas are combined to form a consistent interdisciplinary unit. Classes and workshops will be taught during each semester.