Lithuanian student helps to develop an award-winning company

Business Academy Aarhus’ Multimedia Design student Kristina Jakaviciute has a student job in new, successful company in Aarhus.

The website RaskRask, which makes it easy to book a home massage, won the ‘2016 Entrepreneur of the year’ award from Aarhus University.

The website designer is among others, the Lithuanian Kristina Jakaviciute who is studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Business Academy Aarhus. She has a student job at RaskRask.

Kristina is the company’s first and so far only permanent employee.

Makes health and well-being easily accessible to all

RaskRask has created an innovative concept, where you can book a professional massage therapist to come to your home, when it suits you – using the same concept as JustEat and Über.

According to the company’s founder and Director Albert Iversen (far left in the picture) Kristina has a major part in the company’s success.

‘As our ordering process takes place through our website, and the vast majority of our marketing is digital, it is essential that we have a top-notch website. It must be both user-friendly and pleasing. Kristina is responsible for our website, which we often get praised for, and has been a big part of our success,’ he says.

RaskRask also has another international student from Business Academy Aarhus onboard. He called Matúš Strnál, is from Slovakia, is also studying Multimedia Design and is currently a design intern at the company.