Teaching Methods

Multimedia Design

In the degree programme, you will work with planning, management and completion of multimedia projects. You will learn to apply communication theories, narrative techniques and means of communication and you will acquire practical experience with programming and improve your skills in concept development and design.

High therotical level and 'hands on'

We aim for a high theoretical level using the ‘hands on’ principle. It is important to play around with pen and keyboard and get some practical experience.

A number of people with different professional backgrounds often work together on multimedia projects. A lot of the teaching therefore involves interacting in groups. This creates a dynamic environment with optimal opportunities for learning from one another.

Cases and project work

The teaching alternates between classroom teaching, assignments, cases, workshops and last, but not least, project work. In each semester, we spice up the teaching with a number of inspiring presentations and lectures by representatives from the business community and research institutions. 

You can expect long working days, committed teachers, interesting group projects, independent study in front of the computer, helpful fellow students and inspiring lectures. We promise you two dynamic years in which you will develop yourself, your knowledge and your skills within all aspects of multimedia.