Sarah, an international student from England, is developing Europe’s biggest wedding app from Aarhus

English Sarah Berglund works as a Marketing Manager at the Tech start-up Wedbox in Aarhus, and they want to be the world’s leading wedding app. She got the job while she was still studying on our Multimedia Design programme.

In the big office at the tech start-up Wedbox in the outskirts of Aarhus there are more than 16 different languages spoken and written.

The manager Casper Grønbjerg is, as a Dane, a minority among his employees and interns who come from Romania, England and Palestine among others.

‘The more cultural diversity we have in our team, the stronger we are to scale and market the app globally,’ explains Casper Grønbjerg, the proprietor and founder of Europe’s largest wedding app Wedbox.

From intern to permanent staff

One of the international employees is 28-year-old Sarah Berglund from southern England. She has worked for Wedbox since August 2018 where she started as an intern while she was studying on the Multimedia Design programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

The internship was subsequently changed to permanent employment and a Marketing Manager title.

‘I like the work-life balance in Denmark. I have a lot of freedom with responsibility and flexibility in my job and my ideas are valued. So I am very happy to work here’, says Sarah, who is married to a Swedish chemistry researcher and lives in a flat in Aarhus.

Plays a key role

The company wants to be the world leader, and here Sarah and her multilingual colleagues with an international background play a key role.

Sarah helps both linguistically and with the design. She ensures that the company formulates itself correctly in writing and speaking on their digital platforms, and also when English-speaking customers phone.

Sarah is also involved in the company’s design expressions, email flow, marketing campaigns, and when new services and features need to be developed for the app.

Wants to be the world's best

Wedbox wants to make the world’s best digital tool for weddings. And that goal cannot be achieved without a multicultural team, Casper Grønbjerg emphasises.

In recent years, Wedbox moved to a larger office in the outskirts of Aarhus. And has expanded from three to seven full-time employees, mainly web developers and IT specialists, as well as five interns from Business Academy Aarhus and Aarhus University.

Prefers foreign interns

The interns and employees come from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey and Palestine, to name a few countries.

‘I always prefer international students – because they are good but mostly because I have been so successful with them. More people, like Sarah, have been recruited afterwards,’ says founder and proprietor Casper Grønbjerg, who incidentally also studied Multimedia Design.