Life under the microscope

An internship in Australia at the School of Molecular Bioscience and plenty of practical experiments in the laboratory were some of the highlights in Dushica Arsovska’s programme

Dushica wanted to be skilled in the laboratory and to perform different analyses, experiments and research in the field of chemistry and biotechnology. That goal has been achieved for Dushica, 25, who comes from the town Kumanovo in Macedonia.

'Since I was a child I dreamed of being able to understand what microorganisms look like and how they work,' says Dushica.

Bachelor's degree

She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology from Business Academy Aarhus - an educational programme she highly recommends to others that share her passion for working with the latest laboratory technology.

'I think it is a really good programme because I have learned to work with experimental designs both theoretically and practically. We also worked with commerce, management and cooperation as well as production and quality control which gave me the competencies that you should need to be a project manager,' says Dushica. 

Connection to the real world

Dushica likes the way the programme varies between theory, written assignments, cases and practical work.

'To me, it was the perfect way of learning. The mix and varied types of lessons and practical work keeps you motivated and focused during the whole programme,' she says.

Together with her lecturers and fellow students, she went to visit the international company DuPont in Grindsted to see how they work with the fermentation processes.

'It is good that they take us out to the “real world” as part of our studies.'

The adipocyte secretion project in Australia

As a part of her programme, Dushica did a six-month internship at the University of Sydney in Australia. Here she worked with a scientific project related to obesity-linked diseases and adipose cells. The aim of the project was to use the cells from the immune system (macrophages) to investigate the potency of adipocyte secretion.

Appetite for more knowledge

The programme has given her an appetite for more. Dushica is looking for a job as a laboratory researcher in the field of biotechnology in a laboratory so that she can use her education and get some experience. Her future plans include a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology.

'I always wanted to know more than what we can see with the naked eye. I think it is very interesting to understand chemical reactions and to know what cells look like under a microscope,' says Dushica.