Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor top-up programme - 1½ years - 90 ECTS

This programme is a top-up for all of our AP programmes and qualifies you to develop your own business ideas and then try them out in practice. A programme for those who dream of starting their own company or want to work with innovation in an existing company.

This entire programme is taught in English.

Be innovative, create growth and build a network

In the course of this programme, you will help to establish and run a company/or project in collaboration with fellow students. The idea for the company can be developed with your team, but you are also welcome to work on and further develop your own idea together with your company team.

The focus is on innovation, creativity and market understanding, but you will also gain skills in organising and planning so that you learn how to run a business - that can grow. At the same time, you will be able to engage in interdisciplinary cooperation, and you will learn how to create networks which can be used professionally.

The programme is interdisciplinary, and you’ll get to meet fellow students with different educational backgrounds and skills.

Become an entrepreneur - or create innovative development for others

In just 1½ years, you’ll get the knowledge and tools needed to run your own business or innovation project and you’ll gain the skills necessary to start and manage innovative companies and projects. This programme is primarily aimed at people interested in starting their own company or wanting to work with innovation. You’ll get entrepreneurial training and in-depth business understanding, which is relevant in all professional contexts.

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.


The programme consists of three semesters: a compulsory part for all students, an elective and an internship which concludes with a Bachelor’s project.

The programme includes subjects such as:

  • Innovation, development and growth
  • Management and networks
  • Practical business operations

In addition, the elective element and the internship enable you to specialise in the direction you prefer. 

The programme gives you skills in innovation and creativity, but you will also learn to take initiative and organise and plan the implementation of your idea. You will be working in a cross-disciplinary manner and your abilities to communicate, create and establish networks will be strengthened. 

During the first semester, you will work with innovation and development and learn to manage a new company. You will also learn the practical aspects involved in running a business.

The second semester focuses on growth opportunities and how they can be realised in the short and long term. In the speciality module, you get to immerse yourself in a topic that you choose. Together with a fellow student, you must prepare a literature study and participate in a seminar series with other students that have chosen a similar topic. 

The third semester consists of an internship in a company, which must be connected with an entrepreneurial environment. You can organise an internship in your own company or use some of our contacts. Upon completion of your internship, you must write your Bachelor's project.

1st semester

Innovation process (30 ECTS) includes:

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Character qualities
  • Collaborative effort and facilitation

2nd semester

Business model (20 ECTS) includes:

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship

Designing your worklife (5 ECTS)

Speciality module (5 ECTS)

3rd semester

Internship (15 ECTS)

Bachelor’s project (15 ECTS)

Teaching methods 

We have a different and creative degree programme where you meet other students with entrepreneurial dreams, acquire the latest and most relevant academic input and get the possibility to delve into the nitty-gritty of running a start-up company.

In this programme there is only a short distance from words to action. We focus on the practical aspects involved in starting and running a company – based on academic input. 

You will therefore get to experience an optimal mix of: 

  • Academic input, assignments and cases
  • Guest lecturers and company visits
  • Relevant books and articles
  • Work in company teams
  • Marketing surveys, observations, interviews etc.
  • Development of innovation plans, business models, business plans and growth plans
  • Innovation Camp

We have a creative and social learning environment where you can meet other students with an entrepreneurial spirit and you will get an opportunity to establish a network that you can benefit from later on in your career. 

The programme is inter-disciplinary. You will learn what your personal strengths are, what you can learn from others and what you are good at while working in a team. This brings all of your qualifications and skills together and you will learn that can be successful when everybody contributes.

Individual coaching

At the beginning of the programme, we map your entrepreneurship profile which we use to give you feedback and provide individual coaching on an ongoing basis, throughout the programme. 

Company teams

All students try to start up a business during the programme. During the programme, you work in company teams typically consisting of four to five students with different academic and personal qualifications. The company team gives you an opportunity to apply and combine, for example technical, IT and business skills, and to develop new innovative ideas. You will work in different teams during the programme. In connection with the exam project and during your internship, you will compose your own ‘Dream Team’.

Form of examination

The exams are inter-disciplinary and based on your own projects or those of your company team. Some exams are completely individual and some are individual exams based on group projects. 

Innovation Camp

During the first semester, you will go on a camp where we will work intensively with innovation and business ideas. In order to get the right intense atmosphere, the camp is held away from campus and you will work, eat and spend the night somewhere else. Participation in the camp is compulsory and costs DKK 1,000, which you must pay with the programme’s material fees.

Apply for admission

Here is information about admission requirements and how to apply for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

Admission requirements

All Danish AP programmes qualify you to apply to this programme.

If you are applying without a qualifying Danish AP degree – but have a comparable educational degree – we will evaluate your actual competences and motivation. Contact our student counselling at or phone 7228 6020 to hear about your options and any possible additional requirements.

English requirements

In order to be admitted to the programme, you must have documented qualifications in English.

English requirements

If you have a Danish AP degree taught in English, you fulfill the English requirement.

If you do not have a Danish AP degree taught in English, you must fulfill the English requirements by having either English at Danish B level with minimum score 3.0 from a Nordic upper secondary examination or an officially approved English test.

We accept these tests with the following minimum scores:

  • IELTS: 6,5 *
  • TOEFL: 83 *
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced: 180 (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced: Grade A, B or C)
  • Cambridge C2 Proficiency: 200
  • Oxford Online Placement test: C1 (min. 85 in each part). We only accept this test when it is completed at Business Academy Aarhus (sign up here) or through an officially approved partner agency.

Please note that the English test is valid for 2 years.

For non-EU applicants, we only accept IELTS and TOEFL.

Native English speakers (including applicants with a qualifying examination from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland) are exempt from an English test. Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the language of instruction is English) must submit a test.

Complete your English test at Business Academy Aarhus


* Due to the situation with COVID-19, we will for this intake (study start in August 2021) accept the TOEFL iBT Home Edition and IELTS Indicator.

How to apply

If you meet the admission requirements, you can apply for admission regardless of your qualifying exam average. We will consider all received applications.

There is admission to this programme once a year, with study start in August. You apply through our online application form. You can apply from 1 February.

Application deadlines - Study start in August

Please note that all applicants must upload all documentation by the application deadline.

15 March at 12 midday
1 July at 12 midday
  • If you have a Danish qualifying exam (including applicants completing an AP degree from Denmark before 1 July)

Attachment requirements

Before we can process your application, we need all the appropriate documents as proof of the information you have provided in your application.

See what documentation you have to send with your application

When is study start?

All our Bachelor top-up degrees start on Wednesday 25 August 2021. 

On programmes with study start in January, the first day will be Monday 1 February 2021.

Remember to read the small print

Should a programme, study line or specialisation that you applied for not be offered anyway, you will be contacted directly. The subsequent specialisations we offer will depend on the number of applicants. If there are not enough applicants for both a Danish and an international line, we reserve the right to only offer one.


In your 3rd semester, you will do an internship in a company.

In your internship, you will get to test your new skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

You can either choose to take the internship in your own company or in an existing company with innovation needs or tasks within the field of entrepreneurship.

Internship in your own company

If you want to do an internship in your own company, you will be assigned to an entrepreneurial environment, such as Incuba Science Park. In an entrepreneurial environment, you will have office space and meet other entrepreneurs and people from the business community. You will get inspiration and ideas for further development of your idea and your company.

During your programme, you will meet a number of experienced entrepreneurs and others from the business community who you can use as sparring partners during your internship.

Before your internship, you must have an approved business plan for your company and your goals for the internship period. You must also have an advisory board who are associated with your company and who can help guide you in achieving your goals.

Internship in an existing company

You can also choose to take an internship in an existing company, e.g. in a development department, in a start-up company or as part of a development project. You must choose a company that needs innovative solutions or has other tasks in the field of entrepreneurship.

Get advice from our student, Teddy, on how to find an internship in Denmark

How To Get An Internship As An International Student

Examples of internship companies

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad. Here are some examples of internship companies:

Cooperation with a lot of companies

Business Academy Aarhus cooperates closely with a wide range of private and public companies. Contact with the business community creates real-life teaching – for the benefit of the students, the programme and the companies.

You will, first and foremost, encounter cooperation with the business community in connection with project work and your internship. We also invite guest speakers to contribute with their experience and the latest trends from the business community. For exams, we also use co-examiners from the business community.

Career options

A degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables you to establish and run your own business. You also learn to develop, plan and implement ideas and projects and you will acquire an in-depth business understanding that is relevant in other business contexts.

The combination of this top-up programme and your AP degree gives you a different, unique profile. Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship all have individual profiles depending on their educational background and specialisation.

Innovative and entrepreneurial employees are in demand in the industry. You can typically find work as:

  • an intrapreneur or entrepreneur
  • a project team member or manager of a development project
  • an employee, co-owner or manager of an innovative company
  • an employee in an R&D department

Continue with your education

A professional bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an ordinary bachelor’s degree. A number of our graduates enrol in relevant post-graduate or master programmes in Denmark or abroad. Please note that you may need to take supplementary courses to meet the admission requirements.

Below are examples of master’s degrees that have admitted our graduates. There might be other options for further education.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to continue studying, you can get counselling from the educational institution that you want to be admitted to.

You are also welcome to contact our student and career counsellors for further information about careers and further education.

Student life

When you embark on a higher education programme with us, you'll get:

  • a top-quality internationally recognised degree
  • combined theory and practice in small classes of 20-35 students, which ensures close contact between lecturer and students
  • focus on learning in small teams, with real-life cases in collaboration with companies
  • a compulsory internship as well as excellent job opportunities during and after your studies
  • a great international experience in a vibrant, active and culturally diverse city
  • Danish lessons on campus
  • plenty of other social activities. 

Find more information on student life at Business Academy Aarhus

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Info for international applicants

There are a lot of practical matters you need to know in order to get a good start and have a pleasant stay in Denmark.

Find information about housing, financial issues, permits ect. here

Get a buddy

All international students are offered a Buddy. A Buddy is a current Academy student, who volunteers to help new international students get off to a good start in Aarhus.

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Study satisfaction

Every two years we carry out – in cooperation with the Ministry and together with the other Danish educational institutions – a survey of the study satisfaction among our students. The survey is called ‘Learning barometer’.

See the latest results from the ‘Learning Barometer’ at Business Academy Aarhus here

Compare Higher Education programmes

On Uddannelseszoom (in Danish only), you can compare results from the ‘Learning Barometer’ across all higher education institutions in Denmark. You can, among other things, compare salary levels and see how graduates got their first job.

Teaching evaluation

Every year we carry out a teacher evaluation where our students evaluate the teaching they receive.

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