Students develop idea catalogue for seaweed entrepreneur

For one day international entrepreneur students developed sustainable business ideas for the Grenaa company Seamen Seaweed Chips.

Fifty international entrepreneurship students from 20 different countries ranging from Moldova and Indonesia to Belgium and the United States have invaded the ‘House of Sustainability’ at the Port of Grenaa and used the day to devise new green business ideas for the crisp company Sea Man Seaweed Chips.

‘It's very interesting for us to have new, fresh opinions concerning our strategy and ambition to become the world's most sustainable company,’ says co-owner and co-founder of Seaman Seaweed Chips Heine Max Olesen, who is fondly known as the Seaweed King and is also the founder of Nordisk Tang.

Fully-fledged ideas in record time

The students had 24 hours to brainstorm and then finish developing their ideas before they could pitch them to Heine Max Olesen. The exercise is part of the students' programme at Business Academy Aarhus, where they are studying the Bachelor programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

‘We were really busy and it's not an easy task, but we are very keen and it's fun to be allowed to work with a real case in the company's own office environment at the port,’ says one of the students – 21-year-old Robert Wulf from the Czech Republic.

Eat seaweed crisps and save the oceans

Equipped with post-its, coloured markers and with brand new knowledge about innovation processes and idea-generation, the students worked all day with ideas for climate-friendly packaging and distribution, crisp containers for bars, a nationwide beach cleaning event and cartoon PR.

Common for all ideas was that the seaweed manufacturer should get additional sales without losing focus on the environment and sustainability.

‘I am thrilled. Some of the ideas gave me goosebumps – and I'm definitely going to implement them,’ says Heine Max Olesen after the presentations at Business Academy Aarhus.


Heine Max Olesen is particularly pleased with the proposal to build a community around the protection of the marine environment by subscribing to a supply of seaweed chips.

‘We are really grateful to the students for opening our eyes to this business idea.’

Sell in and outside of Denmark

Seaman Seaweed Chips sells award-winning organic seaweed crisps with flavours from lobster and calamari, and sustainable raw materials without any e-numbers, in Danish and international shops.