Industry Specialisation Part A: Accountancy

If you want to top up your AP degree in Financial Management with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and Services

As a new AP Graduate in Financial Management, you can start on the 5th semester of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Financial Management and Services in August.

You must pass the 'Industry Specialisation Part A: Accountancy' course before you can embark on the 5th semester. You can take this course at the same time as you complete the 4th semester of the AP degree programme in Financial Management.

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The price for attending this course is DKK 1,500.

About 'Industry Specialisation Part A: Accountancy'

On the Bachelor’s degree programme you take two electives within the same industry. In the 4th semester you take 'Industry Specialisation Part A: Accountancy' which is to prepare you for your internship in the 5th semester. In the 6th semester you take 'Industry Specialisation Part B: Accountancy' where you will get an opportunity to follow up on your internship. 

Each elective is equivalent to 10 ECTS points. 

Practical information

The course comprises seven lecture days at the Academy during April and May. The rest of the course is taught long distance (some electives are offered in the form of study hall sessions). This means that you can take the electives at the same time that you write your bachelor thesis. 


You should be aware that the registration form is in Danish. To register, click the blue button ‘Tilmeld’. You can navigate through the registration procedure by means of the blue buttons in the lower right-hand corner. You need to enter your personal data and you can pay via Dankort or bank transfer. 

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