Bachelor's top-up programmes

The Bachelor’s top-up takes 1½ years and are for students who have already completed an AP degree programme or similar. By completing an AP degree programme and the top-up programme, you will obtain a Bachelor’s degree. You will be awarded 90 ECTS points for a BA top-up programme.

The programmes are taught in English.

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All programmes offered by Business Academy Aarhus are recognised by the Danish State and can be used as accreditation for further academic studies. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) ensures easy recognition with other European educational institutions.

ISCED levels

According to the ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education), the programmes offered at Business Academy Aarhus have the following levels:

  • AP degree programmes: 5
  • BA and BA top-up programmes: 6

Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Be successful in both national and international laboratory environments, and get updated on the latest technological, scientific and social developments.

Digital Concept Development

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Get additional qualifications to develop concepts for digital platforms - at both the strategic and the practical level.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Learn how to develop your own business ideas and then try them out in practice. This programme is for those who dream of starting their own company or want to work with innovation in an existing company.

Product Development and Integrative Technology

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Passionate about technological integration and product development and able to build bridges between the technological, creative and commercial processes?

Web Development

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Focus on the development of web technologies within several application fields and distribution platforms.

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