Agricultural and Environmental Management

Bachelor top-up programme - 1½ years - 90 ECTS.

Business Academy Aarhus offers a Bachelor’s top-up programme in Agricultural and Environmental Management that is the ideal programme if you want to improve your agricultural and environmental competencies and acquire skills that enable you to analyse, organise and develop your field of expertise. The programme covers issues such as sustainability and conservation within environmental management and includes topics such as pollution, climate control and waste management within for example, streams and lakes.

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Two study lines

The programme is divided into two study lines:

  • Environmental and Nature Management
  • Agricultural Management

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The programme is a top-up programme for AP degree graduates from Agro Business and Landscape Management and it is the direct route to additional job opportunities or further education.

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The programme is taught in English.

How to find us

You take the programme at:

Business Academy Aarhus
Tretommervej 31
8240 Risskov