Programme structure

Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology

The programme comprises a part common to all, three specialisation options, an internship in a company in Denmark or elsewhere and a final Bachelor’s project.

1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester

Company relationships
(5 ECTS)

Applied mathematics and physical chemistry
(5 ECTS)

Applied statistics and planning of experiments
(5 ECTS)

Production and quality management
(5 ECTS)

Statistical experimental planning
(5 ECTS)

Communication and theory of science
(5 ECTS)

Chemical and biotechnical technology
30 ECTS)


Food technology
(30 ECTS(

15 ECTS)

Bachelor’s project
(15 ECTS)

The common part teaches you how to apply mathematics, commerce, production and quality control, planning experiments and communication in relation to your specialisation. In connection with your specialisation you work with subjects that relate to laboratory or food technologies. You learn how to acquire and study new academic knowledge.

Before the programme begins you must determine which of the two lines of specialisation you will take.

Chemical and Biotechnical Technology

You learn to independently describe, analyse, critically assess and communicate test results in relation to chemical and biotechnical technology. You achieve how to draw conclusions and correlate with similar results. You acquire qualifications in the planning, realisation and assessment of multi-stage organic synthesis and fermentation - including upstream and downstream processes.

Food Technology

You learn how to identify, analyse and assess problems in relation to the production and quality of food. You work with packing, and learn to prepare, implement and be in charge of self-regulation systems. Finally, the programme teaches you to work in an innovative manner from conceptual stage to finished food product.


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How to find us

You take the programme at:

Business Academy Aarhus
Hasselager Allé 8
8260 Viby J

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