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Digital Concept Development

Here is information about admission requirements and how to apply for the Digital Concept Development programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to this degree programme, you must have completed one of the following programmes:

  • AP Degree in Computer Science
  • AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business
  • AP Degree in E-design
  • AP Degree in Multimedia Design
  • AP Degree in Marketing Management *
  • AP Degree in Service Hospitality and Tourisme Management *

* If you have graduated from the Marketing Management programme or the Service Hospitality and Tourisme Management programme, you can apply for admission at Business Academy Aarhus without any additional supplements.

If you are applying without a qualifying Danish AP degree – but have a comparable educational degree – we will evaluate your actual competences and motivation. Contact our student counselling at or phone 7228 6020 to hear about your options and any possible additional requirements.

English requirements

In order to be admitted to the programme, you must have especially good and documented qualifications in English.

How to apply

If you meet the admission requirements, you can apply for admission regardless of your qualifying exam average. We will consider all received applications.

There is admission to this programme once a year, with study start in August. You apply through our online application form. You can apply from 1 February.

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