Digital Concept Development

By studying Digital Concept Development,  you will be able to create future user experiences on the web or other digital platforms.

You will typically find jobs within:

  • Web and design agencies: these could be agencies with e-commerce as a speciality or agencies who are more broadly based within the field of digital communication, concept design or digital marketing.
  • Advertising agencies with a digital profile
  • Companies or organisations with digital marketing functions: these could be all companies that have an internal digital marketing and communication function or companies who want to develop their digital profile.
  • E-commerce solutions: these could be companies that only work within e-commerce or companies who also have traditional sales. 

Your job may for example be:

  • a digital designer
  • a project manager or project assistant
  • a UX designer/consultant
  • a social media coordinator
  • an SEO & analytics consultant
  • a digital content coordinator
  • a front end developer

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