2nd semester

In the second semester, you have the chance to choose your specialisation. You can choose between Digital Design or Digital Commerce.

Digital Commerce (15 ECTS)

You will learn to develop concepts for digital commerce and service platforms and create or further develop relevant channels of communication. The focus is on the overall concept and involves strategic considerations, optimisation and management of solutions. We will also work with business optimisation through data, this includes for example Google Analytics.

Digital Design (15 ECTS)

You will learn to develop strategically based digital concepts for companies and organisations in local and international markets. You will work with, among other things, how to apply service design within digital commerce, digital advertising and other forms of digital communication.

Compulsory subjects

Besides your specialisation, you have two compulsory subjects in the second semester. These are Communication and Marketing and Project Management B.


The specialisation lines we offer will depend on the number of students in that year. When there are less than two classes, the specialisation chosen by the majority will be offered.


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