In your 3rd semester, you will do an internship in a company.

In your internship you will get to test your new skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

You can either choose to take the internship in your own company or in an existing company with innovation needs or tasks within the field of entrepreneurship.

Internship in your own company

If you want to do an internship in your own company, you will be assigned to an entrepreneurial environment, such as with Incuba Science Park. In an entrepreneurial environment, you will have office space and meet other entrepreneurs and people from the business community. You will get inspiration and ideas for further development of your idea and your company.

During your programme, you will meet a number of experienced entrepreneurs and others from the business community who you can use as sparring partners during your internship.

Before your internship you must have an approved a business plan for your company and your goals for the internship period. You must also have an advisory board who are associated with your company and who can help guide you to achieving your goals.

Internship in an existing company

You can also choose to take an internship in an existing company, e.g. in a development department, in a start-up company or as part of a development project. You must choose a company that needs innovative solutions or has other tasks in the field of entrepreneurship.

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Examples of internship companies

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad. Here are some examples of internship companies:

Møllerup Gods
Aarhus Teater
Holstebro kommune

Cooperation with a lot of companies

Business Academy Aarhus has a close cooperation with a wide range of private and public companies. Contact with the business community creates real-life teaching – for the benefit of the students, the programme and the companies.

You will, first and foremost, encounter cooperation with the business community in connection with project work and your internship. We also invite guest speakers to contribute with their experience and the latest trends from the business community. In exams, we also use co-examiners from the business community.

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After just one year in Denmark, Bertold Bocskor from Hungary got an internship where most of the work takes place in Danish.

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