The programme

International Sales and Marketing

The students view various business related issues and problems from the perspectives of the following traditional academic disciplines:

  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Business Law
  • Supply Chain Management

Create your individual profile

Each semester concludes with a set of exams. Students may also opt to take the second semester at another educational institution either in Denmark or abroad. This together with the elective element, the internship, the Bachelor project and the individual learning objectives ensures that each student can create an individual academic profile within the framework of the programme.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester

The company’s strategic basis
(10 ECTS)

The customer as starting point
(20 ECTS)

Industry and competitor
(5 ECTS)

Sales management and the sales development of the company
(10 ECTS)

- Strategic marketing and advertising
- Project sales and project management
- Purchasing and negotiation
- Management of people and organisations
(10 ECTS)

Speciality module
(5 ECTS)

(15 ECTS) 

Bachelor’s project 
(15 ECTS) 

In the 1st and 2nd semesters of the programme, you will be taught marketing, sales, supply chain management, organisational development, law and finance. Each semester contains two themes, which are concluded with a mandatory theme assignment. In the 3rd semester of the programme, you will be in an internship with a relevant company and produce your final bachelor’s project.

The teaching is mostly based on real-life examples, and during the two first semesters, revolves around compulsory group projects concerning practical business problems and challenges. Here you formulate your own learning objectives in cooperation with an Academy staff member.

Tuition based on dialogue and small classes

Tuition at Business Academy Aarhus is based on dialogue and conducted in classes. Teaching is close to practice which means that organisations and executives are involved when relevant. We work with specific and realistic cases, organise seminars and visit companies. You will acquire knowledge within each discipline through the lecturers' presentations and group work with fellow students. You are expected to work independently as a large part of the curriculum is learned via work in study groups. Teaching is primarily characterised by class sessions, case studies, study groups, seminars and projects.

Meet Oliwia

Three years of studying at Business Academy Aarhus has given Oliwia Sadlo from Poland many international experiences and a job in New York.

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Meet Marina

With a Danish degree, Marina from Moldova intends to find work in an international company and use her profession to travel around the world.

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International education

You can also study or take your internship abroad during the programme or you can participate in 2 week summer schools abroad.


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