1st semester

The theme of the 1st semester is the 'Background for a Company’s Sales’. Under this heading you will learn about ‘the customer as starting point’, ‘industry and competitors’ and ‘innovation.’ You will also learn about ‘theory and methods.’ To round-off the semester, you will produce a project for a specific company of your own choice. The project is to be based upon and draws together all disciplines. 

The 1st semester core areas furthermore combine the paradigms of methodology of science with an analytical focus on the strategic situation of the business, its customers, market options, marketing strategies and customer relations. Central to this work is the analysis and development of the business model and its consequences, while another important element is innovation.

The customer as starting point (15 ECTS)

This subject will teach you how to analyse the needs and desires of present and potential customers. You will be qualified to apply this know-how to situations when a company evaluates new focus areas and launches initiatives as part of its development of new products and concepts. Valid knowledge about the customer segment is essential when planning new sales activities and to ensure effective marketing initiatives. 

You will become an experienced user of relevant tools for gathering and analysing information about the company’s customers, their needs, behaviour and relationship with the company. 

Industry and competitors (5 ECTS)

In a global market, the various ways of competing are becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore critical that a company can analyse and evaluate its competitive position. To achieve this, you must be able to analyse the company’s business model, identify core competencies and evaluate these in relation to industry competitors and the needs of the company’s customers.

You will learn about competition regulation, EU competition law and you will acquire knowledge about legal and financial issues that may impact the company’s sales and marketing efforts. In addition to this, you will also learn about the company’s ethical and social responsibilities. 

Innovation (5 ECTS)

This subject will teach you how to analyse the growth potential of a company. You will be qualified to make use of this know-how in the evaluation of the growth and development potential of a company. This know-how is vital when a company develops existing or new products or concepts.

You will learn how to strategically participate in the production and concept development processes of a company. You will become the employee who can evaluate the company’s innovative driving forces and use these in its future marketing strategy. You will also be able to assess the financial and legal consequences. 

Methodology and theory (5 ECTS)

You will obtain basic knowledge of important problems and methodological approaches to the theory of science. You will learn how to view studies and surveys and their conclusions with a critical mind and become conscious of the underlying methods that have been applied. You will gain experience in putting this knowledge into practice when gathering, working with and interpreting information about the company. 

You will apply theory of science and scientific methodologies directly to the projects that you will be working with during the programme for example when developing problem statements and hypotheses or stating your reasons for the chosen line of investigation.


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