2nd semester

The theme of the 2nd semester is 'Business Development with an International Perspective'. 

Based on the analyses of the first semester, the second semester core areas focus on e.g. the development of the future business model, complex competition forms and their regulation, competitor analysis and benchmarking.

Under this heading, you will be taught 'developing the sales base', 'the sales performance' and 'follow-up and retention'. In addition to these subjects, you must also take an elective course which will give you specialist competencies within an area of your choice.

During the semester you will be taught how to develop, evaluate, implement and follow-up on sales strategies for various types of businesses.

You can also choose to study the 2nd semester at an educational institution abroad

Developing the sales base (10 ECTS)

This subject will teach you how to develop sales strategies and sales plans for an international business. You will acquire understanding and be able to reflect on central theories and models that can be used to develop sales strategies and sales plans that will impact on the market of a company.

You will also acquire general and broad knowledge of management theories that can support the development of the company’s sales base. You will be taught disciplines that can support a sales strategy such as organisational development, change management, personal development, self-management, stress management, team building and competency development plans. 

The tactical and operational sales performance (5 ECTS)

You will learn how to select and apply relevant theories and models that you can use at a practical level to plan and implement tactical and operational sales based on the sales strategy developed. You will acquire the skills needed to professionally propose changes to the strategy and the sales initiative in the process of planning the implementation of the sale.

You will become the employee who runs, manages and develops an organisational action plan that will ensure successful implementation of the sales plan in specific sales situations. You will for example learn how to develop the financial foundation of a sales strategy in a hands-on setting for a company. You will also learn about recruitment and selection of sales staff, coaching and conflict management.

Inplementation and follow-up and retention (5 ECTS)

This subject will teach you how to follow-up on a sales strategy and the subsequent specific sale. You should be able to measure and analyse sales initiative results using relevant methods and apply your knowledge to the proposal of action plan adjustments. You will learn about customer follow-up tools, tools you can use to measure employee satisfaction and also how to evaluate the work carried out by the sales function. 

Elective course element (10 ECTS) 

In the second semester, students can form their study profile by choosing two of the elective elements. An elective element is an in depth study into a specific area. The students work individually with their elective element, but meet for three seminars in a related study group. The elective study may qualify as admission to a university master’s degree. It is also possible to take the elective element at other institutions, abroad or at international summer schools.


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