My internship opened the door to a full-time job

Cosmina Rotaru did her job so well as an intern in the marketing department at Stibo Systems that she is now a marketing coordinator at the international software group.

Cosmina constantly checks her smart phone to see how many re-tweets her last post has received. She takes a sip from her water bottle, simultaneously putting her phone down on the table.

‘Yesterday, my company won a prestigious award, the Danish eCommerce Award 2015, so today I’ve been busy tweeting the news, writing stories for LinkedIn and preparing press releases,’ smiles Cosmina. She is employed as a marketing coordinator in one of the world’s leading software companies – Stibo Systems close to the Academy’s main campus.

From intern to employee

Cosmina moved to Denmark four years ago to study, she started with the Market- ing Management AP degree followed by the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing at Business Academy Aarhus. During her bachelor programme, Cosmina did her internship as a marketing assistant for Stibo Systems.

‘I was lucky to get the internship in a global company where the corporate language is English and where it therefore didn’t matter too much that my Danish is not perfect.’ asserts the 23-year-old Romanian, who comes from the port city of Constanta on the Black Sea coast.

Cosmina did so well that after her internship was completed she was offered a full-time position as a marketing coordinator, covering for a colleague on maternity leave. She started the job three weeks before her graduation.

Learns something every day

As a marketing coordinator, Cosmina’s responsibilities include the project management of targeted marketing and branding activities. The tasks include analysis of markets, digital campaigns, social media, PR, events, branding and promotional merchandise.

‘My work is far more practical than I had imagined it would be while I was studying. I learn something new every day and really have the opportunity to take responsibility and try a lot of different things. I work with colleagues who are much more experienced than I am so I also learn a lot from them.’

Balance between work and leisure

Cosmina is happy to live and work in Denmark. She shares an apartment in Hasle, about five kilometres from the centre of Aarhus, with her Latvian boyfriend, who has also found a job at a Danish company.

‘I’m enjoying my life here. The work-life balance is much better in Denmark than in Romania. People are not so stressed or nervous. They do their job, but in a much more relaxing and creative manner which also allows room to make mistakes. Even if I don’t do things perfectly, I know I’ll get a second chance next time. In Denmark, you are encouraged to take initiative and take more chances. There is a flat management structure and much more freedom in your job. In Romania, you’re told what to do and how to do it. Life is also far more competitive,’ she says.

Hard work pays off

To get a foothold in the Danish labour market is no easy matter for Danish or international graduates. But once you have made a good impression during your internship, your route to employment is paved, Cosmina believes.

‘The internships are a good part of the programmes at Business Academy Aarhus, because without my internship, I would not have got a job here. During my internship at Stibo Systems I got the opportunity to show who I was and what I could do,’ says Cosmina who dreams of one day becoming a manager and working with advanced, strategic tasks. In order to improve her career prospects, she is considering studying a master’s degree whilst working.