Internship in international company powers Veneta’s future

Students at Business Academy Aarhus can take their internship anywhere in the world. Veneta Spirieva did hers in Denmark with Siemens, an internationally renowned company. She was subsequently employed as a student worker.

Veneta Spirieva chose to do her four-month internship in Denmark with Siemens Wind Power. This formed part of her Bachelor programme in International Sales and Marketing Management. As a result, she has gained valuable work experience, developed a professional network, and was later employed as a student worker.

Veneta has always wanted to work with project management, so getting an internship as a project assistant was a dream come true. Being able to gain first-hand experience within this field has been extremely rewarding and beneficial to both her personal and professional growth.‘My manager and colleagues gave me a lot of responsibility and involved me, which meant that I felt appreciated both academically and socially. My co-workers listened to my opinion, and even though I was an intern, I was seen as a fully-fledged colleague, equal to the others,’ says 24-year-old Veneta from Sofia, Bulgaria.

These are some of the reasons why the Bulgarian was so excited and happy about being an intern, with the title Project Assistant, in one of the world’s leading companies, Siemens Wind Power.

Not only secretarial tasks

Veneta was made aware of the internship through her network.

‘One of the reasons Siemens employed me was because of my experience as a student assistant at Business Academy Aarhus where I gained experience in organising events and coordinating social activities for international students. It is not easy finding an internship, especially when you don’t speak Danish, so I was lucky.’

At Siemens Wind Power, Veneta worked with administrative tasks in an internal project department and assisted the project manager with, for example, a newly developed software program to improve internal performance. The working language was English and the internship was full-time with a salary.

‘Being an intern has definitely increased my self-esteem, strengthened my work competencies and improved my professional skills. It is a unique opportunity to experience Danish work culture first-hand and learn to communicate with many different professionals at all levels in the organisation,’ says the 24-year old student.

Internship leads to job as student worker

Her tasks and responsibility increased rapidly over time as she demonstrated her commitment and diligence.

‘My colleagues and managers were super-friendly, supporting and openminded. The fact that they trusted my working abilities helped me to do my best and try new things without being afraid to fail. I learned a lot and I just loved it.’

Veneta impressed Siemens so much during her internship that they have now employed her as a student worker in the same department.