Studying in Aarhus helped Oliwia fulfil her dreams

Three years of studies at Business Academy Aarhus have given Oliwia Sadlo from Poland many international experiences and a job in New York.

“Opportunities are all around,” says Oliwia Sadlo. It is not hard to believe the words of the 22-year-old Polish student, as she is a living proof of that. For the last five years she has been living, working and studying in different countries, which has been her dream since she was a teenager. While studying International Sales and Marketing Management (BA) at Business Academy Aarhus, she succeeded in getting a job in New York.

”My years at Business Academy Aarhus have been the most challenging, but at the same time best years of my life,” says Oliwia, who has been studying at Business Academy Aarhus since august 2011.

International work experience

Like all other students at Business Academy Aarhus, Oliwia had the opportunity to obtain work experience by doing an internship in a company in Denmark or abroad. Oliwia has always dreamt of going to America, so at the beginning of the second semester, she started looking for an internship in the United States. The dream came true. Oliwia got an internship in a cosmetic's company in the centre of Manhattan. But before going to NY, Oliwia went to Paris as an Erasmus exchange student for half a year.

Thrilling and wonderful

Being an intern in New York for a whole semester was a great experience, Oliwia recalls:

“My internship was the greatest adventure. A year ago, I figured that I would go to a small city in the United States and do my internship in a random company. Instead of that I ended up in the heart of Manhattan working for a cosmetic company - the most perfect match ever.” She adds: “Coming to New York was like Whoa! These skyscrapers are skyscrapers for real! It was thrilling, it was wonderful, it was exciting. My work was also amazing. I was being challenged every day. The tasks I worked with were demanding and sometimes difficult, but I did my very best to deliver the quality that my boss expected from me.”

Returning for a real job

After two months as an intern she got a job offer. So in august 2014, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, she returned to New York - this time as a Business Developer at the advertising and brand name development company “Brand Acumen”.

“The Academy helped me achieve some of my goals and this opened so many doors for me. I am really looking forward going back to New York.” 

Busy schedule

whilst at the Academy, Oliwia lived in a rented apartment very close to Business Academy Aarhus and earned money as a part time warehouse operator. On weekdays she got up at 6:00 a.m to get ready for school. After school she went to work until evening. Then she returned home to do homework until 1.30 a.m. She was happy although her timetable was tight.

“I think my decision about studying here was a good one. I have learnt how to work in a group, how to approach companies and how to deliver quality, and I have learnt about my strengths and weaknesses. I have also met so many interesting people from different countries with so many different stories, backgrounds, languages and mentalities.”

The last five years of various experiences has given Oliwia a huge portion of confidence. Furthermore she has learnt the importance of doing things with passion.

“Your dreams can come true if you go for it - with hard work and passion.”