Anna wants to make money while saving the world

Anna Schriver’s internship with Orbicon opened the door to an exciting job for the recently graduated Bachelor in Nature and Agricultural Management, nature and the environment specialisation.

On any given day, Anna can be found speeding through the ocean on one of Orbicon’s speed boats on assignment for the Ministry of Environment and Food. Another day, she’s in waders in the middle of the Kattegat taking samples of Eelgrass. Or she can be found investigating toxic algae from a mussel farm through a microscope in the laboratory.

‘It is my dream job so far,’ notes 27-year-old Anna Schriver.

Get more info about Annas education: Bachelor top-up programme in Nature and Agricultural Management, nature and the environment specialisation

Graduated Friday, fulltime employment on Monday

Anna went directly as student from Business Academy Aarhus to a job at Orbicon, one of Denmark’s largest consulting engineering firms in the environmental field, among others.

‘I finished on Friday. On Monday, I was phoned up and offered the job. And then two months later I was offered permanent employment as a consultant.’

Anna had previously done her compulsory internship with Orbicon as part of her Bachelor programme.

Working with biologists and engineers

Anna’s background as firstly an Agro Business and Landscape Management student and then a Bachelor in Nature and Agricultural Management (specialising in nature and the environment) from Business Academy Aarhus has, according to Anna, made her a ‘hands-on generalist.’

‘I’m used a lot by the various professions in the company and I am not as expensive as some of my colleagues with an engineering or biology background. It’s great that I can offer a somewhat more generalised educational background but can work with specialists and PhDs who are specialists in everything from sharks to microalgae’, explains Anna.

Permit to sail in the ocean with a speedboat

Orbicon has provided Anna with the opportunity to get a certificate of proficiency and licences for large trailers and speedboats.

‘You come in as a new graduate and are given the support and a lot of opportunities and further education. I feel very appreciated,’ she says.

Mussel farming, water quality, Eelgrass

At Orbicon, Anna works with the development of a circular bio-economy.

One of the projects she is in charge of concerns using mussels to remove nitrogen and improve the water quality in fjords.

Another is about re-establishing Als’ reef in Sønderborg. Or developing mussel flour for fish food.

Wants to save the world and earn money at the same time

A large idea board hangs behind Anna’s desk.  Ocean gardens in Angola to eradicate hunger, are one of the things jotted down.  Anna’s department often gets ideas that would benefit either nature or humanity.  But it must be financially viable. Otherwise, the idea cannot be implemented in real life.

‘I am both an idealist and realist.’

The coolest part of the job?

‘The versatility. Some days I’m at the office. Other days I am out in the countryside doing field work. Or in the laboratory. I can make a difference. And that I'm trusted’.