The programme

Nature and Agricultural Management

The programme consists of three semesters of twenty weeks each.

  • The first two semesters consist of various compulsory business subjects and subjects related to nature and environment management. The mandatory subjects will give you basic knowledge about management, strategy, communication and sales.
  • The third semester consists of an internship followed by a bachelor thesis.  

The main focus of the programme is the combination of theory and practice within the different subjects, and you will experience a scientific level that is higher than the level you know from, for example, the AP degree.

As a Bachelor in Nature and Agricultural Management you will acquire a deeper basic knowledge and specific qualifications, which are related to the profession and your future job. You will strengthen your competencies within the environmental field and be able to better plan, develop and communicate aspects of your topic. You will acquire the knowledge and tools required to manage complex problems at management, advisory or administrative levels.

With up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge you can match the challenging market and make your contribution to the development and progress of environmental issues.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester

(30 ECTS)

  • Market analysis
  • Writing projects, methodology
    and theory of science
  • Business strategy
  • Ecology and microbiology
  • Statistics
(30 ECTS)

  • Project management
  • Business communication
  • Business development
  • Sales
  • Climate
  • Sustainability
  • Elective courses

(15 ECTS)

Bachelor's project
(15 ECTS)


During the first and second semesters, you will receive 14-16 weeks of teaching. Both semesters are completed with an exam, in which you work with subjects within the curriculum. Projects should be based on relevant subjects and the duration is 4-6 weeks. You will experience an educational programme where the teaching is supplemented by group work to ensure an optimal process for acquiring new knowledge.

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Internship and bachelor thesis

During the second/third semester you must choose a company for your internship. After, or during the internship, you must write your bachelor's thesis, which must focus on relevant issues from the company. Furthermore, the bachelor thesis must be based on subjects from the programme; you choose what to emphasise. In this way, it is possible for you to focus and specialise your studies depending upon your interests. You will also gain valuable insight into relevant companies.

If you have any questions, please contact the study counsellor for further information.


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