Product Development and Integrative Technology

The programme combines product development and technological integration with a line of specialisation that builds upon your AP degree.

We offer three lines of specialisation:
IT and electronics - specialisation for IT Network and Electronic technologists
Product development, design and production - specialisation for production technologists
Installation, automation and energy - specialisation for electricians, automation technologists and energy technologists

Depending on your work experience record, you might be allowed to choose a different line of specialisation to what your AP degree gives you immediate access to. This is subject to individual assessment.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester

Technological project 
(5 ECTS)

Theory of science and 
(5 ECTS)

Technological integration
(5 ECTS)

Innovative technology and
product development
(5 ECTS)

Study projects specific 
to the line of specialisation
(10 ECTS)

Building and design and
(10 ECTS)

Environment and 
(10 ECTS)

Study projects specific to 
the line of specialisation
(10 ECTS)

(15 ECTS)

Bachelor's project 
(15 ECTS)

Teaching methods

This programme is multi-disciplinary and crosses programme boundaries, which both improves and expands your own academic platform while at the same time giving you insight into the academic sphere of other professions. This provides you with excellent qualifications that you can apply directly to the work process when developing and building technological systems and products.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from the multi-disciplinary approach, this programme is offered jointly by VIA, Horsens and Aarhus Business Academy. This means that you will be attending workshops both in Horsens and in Aarhus.


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