Web Development

The Web Development programme consists of six modules, an internship and a Bachelor's project. Each of the first two semesters features three modules, whilst the final and 3rd semester consists of an internship with an IT company and a Bachelor's project, also to be completed in a company.

Your programme will be composed of a transition module and three core modules. The choice of transition module depends on your qualifying exam. Apart from that, you need to complete two further modules. You may choose among elective modules, adding up to a total of six modules.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester

Backend or frontend development
(10 ECTS)

(10 ECTS)

Interface design 
(10 ECTS)

Development environments
(10 ECTS)

Two elective modules (20 ECTS). Examples:

  • Web application frameworks (10 ECTS)
  • Mobile development (10 ECTS)
  • XR development (Virtual and augmented Reality) (10 ECTS)


Bachelor's project
(15 ECTS)

Teaching Methods

You are expected to work independently as a large part of the curriculum is learned via work in study groups. The study requires you to take responsibility for your own learning and to commit and involve yourself in your learning as well as the social environment.


You will spend the first half of the 3rd semester in an internship with a company. The internship will give you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical work, and at the same time you enhance your chances of gaining quick access to an exciting job. It is your own responsibility to find a company that will take you in, but we will place a large number of contacts at your disposal.

Bachelor's project

During the second half of the 3rd semester, you have to write your Bachelor's project. The Bachelor's project should be based on a practice-related issue. You must outline the issue for your Bachelor's project in collaboration with an external partner, e.g. the company where you do your internship. Normally, the project is elaborated on in close contact with the company, and you will probably spend most of your time at the company whilst working on the project.


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