Guidelines on which attachments you must upload with your application

AP degree programme and Bachelor's programme

You must upload attachments as documentation for the information stated in your application. It is your responsibility to upload all relevant documentation. Please do not upload any documentation for non-relevant activities.

Upload the attachments with your application, or as soon as possible afterwards. The sooner we receive your full application, the sooner we can start considering your application.

Please note that all applicants must upload all documentation by the deadline for applying.

Required attachments

You must upload the following documentation with your application:

  • Your upper secondary diploma and transcript of records
  • English test results
  • A signed and stamped verification form 
  • Other educational diplomas, if any (e.g. a Bachelor's Diploma)
  • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages)

Upload attachments

You can upload all attachments in the online application form.

In the receipt e-mail, you will also get a link which will allow you to open your application and edit your priorities or upload additional documents. The application system will automatically inform us of any new uploads so you do not need to contact us about this.

You can get the receipt e-mail resent here

Do you have any questions?

We will contact you if we need any additional information to process your application.

If you have additional questions about your application, you can contact us: