Are you having problems with the application form?

If you’re having problems with our online application form, the following may be the reason:

  • You forgot to fill out a required field — or you have filled in a field with incorrect values. The problem will be highlighted or written in red.
  • You have not checked the box ‘Under liability according to Danish law ...’ at the bottom of the form. The mistake will be highlighted with red text.
  • There is already an application connected to this email address og CPR Number. If you want to edit your application, you must do it via the link in your receipt email. Get your receipt re-sent here

If you have problems uploading your files, please remember:

  • Uploading via a mobile can cause problems. Try from your computer instead.
  • You must wait for the file to be fully uploaded. An upload in-progress will be shown with a spinning blue circle.
  • You can only upload PDFs or picture files (JPG, JPEG, or PNG)
  • The individual files cannot be too big (max 20 MB) – and the all the files together must not exceed 50 MB
  • The file name must be short, relevant and without any special characters (/%= etc.)

If this does not help, then try to open the form in a different browser, e.g. Google Chrome.

Otherwise, call us on +45 7228 6130 for help.