Entry requirements

See the latest entry requirements for each programme.

The entry requirements show the lowest average for the most recent admission requirements for quota 1. This can rise or fall for the next admission period and must not be confused with the actual admission requirements.

The entry requirements here refer to the Danish 7-point grading scale.

The number of students admitted to each programme for the most recent admission period which is referred to here, includes all the students accepted on each programme - Danish and international students. 

ProgrammesStudy start in January 2019Study start in August 2019
AP degree programmes
Chemical and Biotechnical Science Not offered Number accepted: 44
Entry requirements: 3,4
IT Technology Number accepted: 20
Entry requirements: 5,9
Number accepted: 14
Entry requirements: 10,4
Marketing Management Not offered Number accepted: 76
Entry requirements: 7,4
Multimedia Design Not offered Number accepted: 40
Entry requirements: 8,5
Bachelor's programmes
Financial Management and Services Not offered
Number accepted: 42
Entry requirements: 7,1
Bachelor's top-up programmes
Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology Number accepted: 9
Entry requirements: all accepted
Number accepted: 4
Entry requirementsall accepted
Digital Concept Development Not offered Number accepted: 44
Entry requirements: 8,17
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Not offered Number accepted: 80
Entry requirements: 6,13
Product Development and Integrative Technology Not offered Number accepted: 16
Entry requirements: 7,42
Web Development Number accepted: 22
Entry requirements: all accepted
Number accepted: 32
Entry requirements: 3,13