Winter intake | Guidelines

AP degree programmes

Application deadline

Apply before 1 October at 12 midday

  • If you have a qualifying exam from a country outside of the EU (this applies regardless of your nationality)
  • If you are a national from a country outside the EU (applies regardless of your qualifying examination)

Applications later than this will not be accepted due to the long processing time for residence permit applications.

Apply before 15 October at 12 midday

  • If you are an EU citizen with
    - a foreign high school qualifying exam
    - an entrance examination from Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland

Applications later than this will only be accepted if we have available places.

Apply before 1 December at 12 midday

  • If you are an EU citizen and have a Danish qualifying exam

Applications later than this will only be accepted if we have available places.

Which programmes can I apply for?

See the programmes that start in February

How to apply?

You can apply from 1 September online at

Follow the guidelines in the application form. 

We do not accept any applications or appendices via the postal service. All applications and appendices must always be uploaded via our application system through our own website.

You will receive an email as proof that we have received your application. You must save this email as it contains a link for you to update your application.

Attachments checklist

Upload the attachments with your application, or as soon as possible afterwards. The sooner we receive your full application, the sooner we can start considering your application.

Get more information about required attachments

Please note that all applicants must upload all documentation by the aplication deadline.

You can upload any additional attachments to your application via the link in the email you will receive as receipt of your application. The application system will automatically inform us of any new uploads.

Please do not upload any documentation for non-relevant activities.

Verification form

You must upload a verification form along with your application, documenting how many hours of instruction you have had in any relevant subjects during the final three years at your upper secondary school.

We do not accept other verification forms than this one. If you do not upload this verification form, it is not possible for us to evaluate the application.

Download verification form

Application fee for Non-EU applicants

Get more information 

Materials fee

Please note that all international applicants who are admitted to a programme must pay a materials fee of € 100 depending on the programme. Information about payment will be given in the admission letter or student contract.


We will contact you if we need any additional information to process your application.

If you have additional questions about your application, you can contact us at