Concept Development and Business Models

Learn how to go from just an idea to doing business. You’ll get the tools to create concepts that are easy to communicate - and you’ll be able to develop relevant business models based on these concepts.

'Concept Development and Business Models' will teach you how to create sustainable and easily communicable concepts in connection with innovation. This subject will also teach you how to develop relevant business models for your concepts.

You will also learn about organisational business models and acquire knowledge of internal and external factors that affect the design of a business model.

The subject’s content

  • The creative process
  • The creative environment
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Situational analysis
  • Organisational challenges and adaptations
  • Business models

Target group

At the moment, we only offer our subjects in English for company groups. Unfortunately, these subjects are not for students or people that do not live in Denmark.

Your benefit from this subject

With this subject you will be given the competencies to:

  • evaluate and apply methods to promote creative environments
  • analyse, decode and create pattern recognition in relation to the product receiver’s day
  • evaluate and apply various methods and tools for visualisation/rapid prototyping
  • evaluate and apply various methods and tools to embed creative collaboration patterns in an organisation
  • evaluate different information-gathering methods
  • describe, analyse, and evaluate a specific company’s business model
  • based on a concrete concept, analyse and develop a business model and evaluate the sustainability of this
  • make suggestions for the implementation of a concrete business model

Exam and ECTS credits

The subject is completed with an oral exam, which is based on a synopsis. There is an external co-examiner and you will be marked according to the Danish 7-point scale. ‘Concept Development and Business Models’ provides 10 ECTS credits.

Flexible further education

With a qualifying education from Business Academy Aarhus, you have excellent flexibility. You can take a single subject, an entire programme or tailor-make your own programme that best matches your needs and desires. If you want an entire programme you can also combine your English subjects with our Danish part-time AP degree subjects 

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