Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This programme in English will no longer accept new students from 2022 and onwards.

We have had to stop international admissions because of the political decision to reduce the number of study places taught in English at Danish business academies.

Information about the Chemical and Biotechnical Science programme on this page only applies to students who are already enrolled at Business Academy Aarhus.

About the programme

This programme is a Bachelor top-up programme (1½ years, 90 ECTS) for all of our AP programmes. This programme is perfect if you dream of working with innovation and development in an existing company, want to get a job as a project manager or work on creating your own company.

The programme consists of three semesters. It has a compulsory part, with subjects that are unique to the programme in Aarhus, a specialty module, an internship and a bachelor project.

The programme includes subjects such as:

  • Innovation, development and growth
  • Management and networks
  • Practical business operations

In addition, the programme can be specialised in the direction you want with the specialty module and your internship.

You can choose to join a summer school, do an exchange semester or do your internship abroad as part of the programme. 

This entire programme is taught in English.

Innovation process (30 ECTS) includes:

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Character qualities
  • Collaborative effort and facilitation

Business model (20 ECTS) includes:

  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Entrepreneurship

Designing your worklife (5 ECTS)

Specialty module / Literature review (5 ECTS)

Internship (15 ECTS)

Bachelor’s project (15 ECTS)

Internship in your 3rd semester

In your internship, you will get to test your new skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

You can either choose to take your internship in an existing company or in your own project / company.

Internship in own company

If you want to do an internship in your own company, you must be associated with an entrepreneurial environment. The obvious choice is our own student’s incubator, GROW, but you are also welcome to find somewhere else yourself. The important thing is that you work in an environment with office space with other entrepreneurs and business people, so that you get input and ideas for further development of your company.

During your programme, you will meet a number of experienced entrepreneurs and others from the business community who you can use as sparring partners during your internship.

Before your internship, you must have an approved business plan for your company and your goals for the internship period. You must also have an advisory board who are associated with your company and who can help guide you in achieving your goals.

Internship in an existing company

You can also choose to take an internship in an existing company, e.g. in a development department, in a start-up company or as part of a development project. You must choose a company that needs innovative solutions or has other tasks in the field of entrepreneurship.

Examples of internship companies

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad. Here are some examples of internship companies:

Arla Foods
Aarhus Teater
Dentsu Aegis Network
Møllerup Gods
Njord gin
Organic Denmark
Salling Group

Career options

As a graduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you’ll be able to lead development and innovation projects or run companies. You’ll be trained to develop, plan and implement ideas and projects, and you’ll get in-depth business understanding that is relevant for companies who want to develop and increase their market potential. You’ll be good at working in teams and pushing projects, teams and yourself forward.

The combination of this top-up programme and your AP degree gives you a different, unique profile. Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship all have individual profiles depending on their educational background and specialisation.

Innovative and entrepreneurial employees are in demand in the industry. You can typically find work as:

  • Project employee or manager for development projects
  • Employee, co-owner or manager of an innovative company
  • Employee in a development department or other departments in a company that focus on innovation and development
  • Entrepreneur

Continue with your education

A professional bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an ordinary bachelor’s degree. A number of our graduates enrol in relevant post-graduate or master programmes in Denmark or abroad.

Below are examples of master’s degrees that have admitted our graduates:

There might be other options for further education.

Please note that you may need to take supplementary courses to meet the admission requirements. If you want to continue studying, you can get counselling from the educational institution that you want to be admitted to. You are also welcome to contact our student and career counsellors for further information about careers and further education.

New admissions to this programme are closed

This programme in English will no longer accept new students from 2022 and onwards.

We have had to stop international admissions because of the political decision to reduce the number of study places taught in English at Danish business academies.