Marketing Management

This programme in English will no longer accept new students from 2022 and onwards.

We have had to stop international admissions because of the political decision to reduce the number of study places taught in English at Danish business academies.

Information about the Marketing Management programme on this page only applies to students who are already enrolled at Business Academy Aarhus.

About the programme

The AP Degree in Marketing Management is a 2-year (120 ECTS) higher education where you will get the skills to plan and implement marketing, sales and communication tasks.

The programme’s four semesters are based on six subject areas, three elective courses, an internship and a final project.

The programme is interdisciplinary with a marketing base. In the programme’s first year you will have compulsory subjects. After this, in the third and fourth semester, you can specialise according to the direction you want your career to take. The specialisation consists of three elective courses, an internship and a final exam. Examples of electives are SEO, SCM & procurement and e-mail marketing.

The Marketing Management programme provides access to a wide range of job opportunities in Denmark or abroad, among other things, as a marketing coordinator, a sales assistant or an information officer.

You can study, join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.

This entire programme is taught in English.

Business understanding (10 ECTS)

Market understanding (10 ECTS)

Market analysis (10 ECTS)

Marketing plan - strategy and tactics (20 ECTS)

Marketing plan - implementation (10 ECTS)

Internationalisation (10 ECTS)

Electives (20 ECTS)

Internship (15 ECTS)

Final exam project (15 ECTS)

Elective subjects

On your 3rd semester, you must choose elective courses corresponding to a total of 20 ECTS credits. You will get to immerse yourself in some of the subject areas within your programme and thereby get an individual profile from your programme.

The range of subjects can change from year to year, but below you can see some examples of electives. You must choose 3 electives - two subjects worth 7.5 ECTS and one subject worth 5 ECTS.

Please note that the elective subject ‘Business economics’ might be an admission requirement if you want to continue studying once you have completed your programme with us.

You can also choose to take your 3rd semester as a study abroad exchange semester or replace one of your electives with one of our summer schools.

Elective subjects for 7.5 ECTS

  • Business economics
  • SoME
  • Procurement
  • Operational advertising
  • SEO

Elective subjects for 5 ECTS

  • Google Ads
  • Entrepreneurship

Internship in your 4th semester

In your internship, you will get to test your newly acquired skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

In the internship, you can test a specific field of work and then focus your programme in relation to your career plans. As part of your internship, you must write a project report which is based on a problem statement from the company.

The internship is a mandatory part of your programme, and it is your responsibility to find an internship company. To help, we have a wide range of tools and contacts available, e.g. via our career centre.

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad.

Here are some examples of internship companies:

Career options

The Marketing Management programme opens the doors to a wide range of job opportunities. 

To begin with, you will typically be employed as a:

  • marketing assistant or coordinator
  • purchasing agent or purchasing assistant
  • salesman, sales assistant, sales supporter or export salesman
  • digital marketing assistant
  • information officer or advertising consultant
  • account manager
  • product coordinator

The programme is also a good starting point for a career as a/an:

  • product manager
  • marketing manager
  • sales manager
  • sales-area manager
  • procurement assistant/manager
  • export manager
  • information manager
  • project manager

Continue with your education

An academy profession degree is a dynamic pathway to a higher education.

Build upon your Academy Profession degree and become a bachelor in Digital Concept Development at Business Academy Aarhus in only 1½ years.

A Diploma degree programme provides you with skills which are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree programme. You educate yourself on a part-time basis while you work. You must have 2 years of professional experience in order to be admitted. On our diploma courses at Business Acadmey Aarhus, teaching is in Danish. Get more info on our diploma degree programmes here (in Danish)

Further studies at university

After the Marketing Management programme, you can complete the bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University in 2 years. Please note that this entails that you have taken the elective 'business economics'.

After working for a minimum of 2 years, you can take the 2nd part of Diploma in Business Administration (HD 2nd part). Get more information (only in Danish)

Please note that you may need to take supplementary courses to meet the admission requirements. If you want to continue studying, you can get counselling from the educational institution that you want to be admitted to. You are also welcome to contact our student and career counsellors for further information about careers and further education.

New admissions to this programme are closed

This programme in English will no longer accept new students from 2022 and onwards.

We have had to stop international admissions because of the political decision to reduce the number of study places taught in English at Danish business academies.