Marketing Management

AP degree - 2 years - 120 ECTS

This programme will no longer be available in English from 2022 and onwards.

Are you interested in marketing, sales and communication? Would you like to work as a marketing coordinator, a salesman og a purchasing agent? Do you wish you could plan and implement marketing strategies in exciting companies? Then our Marketing Management programme is for you.

This entire programme is taught in English.

Usable marketing and sales knowledge

A marketing manager is at the forefront of marketing, sales, communications, management and business law. This 2-year programme is close to practice and internationally orientated, which will provide you with a broad knowledge of the economic, legal, cultural, organisational and global conditions that feature in a company’s or organisation’s marketing.

Overview of the entire company

A good marketing and sales employee is a good marketeer who has an overview of the entire company, which is why you also learn about economics, supply chain management, organisation and business law.  At the same time, it's vital you train what we call ‘personal leadership’ so that you are capable of taking independent responsibility, are proactive and dare to take advantage of your full potential.

An education close to the business community

The Marketing Management programme provides access to a wide range of job opportunities in Denmark or abroad, among other things, as a marketing coordinator, a sales assistant or an information officer.

This programme is close to practice and you’ll get hands-on experience from the business community – among other things through an internship at a relevant company – this ensures that you, as a graduate, are well equipped to do your future job. The programme is also a good starting point if you want to start your own company or want to continue studying higher education.

A student talks about the programme

Earn a Bachelor's degree in 1½ years

The AP degree programme in Marketing Management is the first 2 years of a Bachelor’s programme. On completion of this programme, you have the opportunity to apply for one of our related Bachelor’s top-up degree programmes to earn a full Bachelor’s degree.

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can study, join a summer school or take your internship abroad during the programme.


We have listened to the business community and made our programme even more functional.

The AP Degree in Marketing Management is a 2-year higher education where you will get the skills to plan and implement marketing, sales and communication tasks. The programme is close to practice and you get real-life experiences during the programme through an internship in a relevant company – this ensures that you as a graduate are well equipped to handle your future job.

Interdisciplinary and specialisations

The programme’s four semesters are based on six subject areas, three elective courses, an internship and a final project. The focal point is marketing and sales. A good marketing and salesperson is a businessperson who is able to interpret the entire business.

The programme is interdisciplinary with a marketing base. In the programme’s first year you will have compulsory subjects. After this, in the third and fourth semester, you can specialise according to the direction you want your career to take. The specialisation consists of three elective courses, an internship and a final exam. Examples of electives are SEO, SCM & procurement and e-mail marketing. It is possible to take the third and fourth semester abroad.

Business understanding (10 ECTS)

Market understanding (10 ECTS)

Market analysis (10 ECTS)

Marketing plan - strategy and tactics (20 ECTS)

Marketing plan - implementation (10 ECTS)

Internationalisation (10 ECTS)

Electives (20 ECTS)

Internship (15 ECTS)

Final exam project (15 ECTS)

Elective subjects

On your 3rd semester, you must choose elective courses corresponding to a total of 20 ECTS credits. You will get to immerse yourself in some of the subject areas within your programme and thereby get an individual profile from your programme.

The range of subjects can change from year to year, but below you can see some examples of electives. You must choose 3 electives - two subjects worth 7.5 ECTS and one subject worth 5 ECTS.

Please note that the elective subject ‘Business economics’ might be an admission requirement if you want to continue studying once you have completed your programme with us.

You can also choose to take your 3rd semester as a study abroad exchange semester or replace one of your electives with one of our summer schools.

Elective subjects for 7.5 ECTS

  • Business economics
  • SoME
  • Procurement
  • Operational advertising
  • SEO

Elective subjects for 5 ECTS

  • Google Ads
  • Entrepreneurship

Daily life as a student

Group work, classes with about 35 students in each, tuition-based very much on dialogue and cases, close contact with real companies, and close contact with lecturers. This is daily life for a student at Business Academy Aarhus.

The fact that tuition takes places in classroom settings is an excellent basis for creating a good social environment for your studies. Things are always lively at the Academy which hums with students attending classes and working on projects.

A programme with a practical bias

We do everything we can to ensure that you become suitable for a job in this trade or industry. This is why we cooperate with real companies who either visit us at the Academy or we go to visit them to learn from their experiences.

In each semester you will work with a company on a project. You can specialise your degree by choosing companies that you are interested in.

The internship in the fourth semester is an obvious opportunity for you to get a foot inside the type of industry that you would later like to work in and to learn specifically about the assignments you would be expected to undertake.

Teaching based on dialogue and cases

We are proud to offer you both lectures and tuition. The lecturers always make room for questions, discussions and comments – just like they readily assist with academic questions when you work in groups or on projects.

For much of the tuition time, you will get an opportunity to work with assignments that are based on the theoretical issues that are the topic of the moment. The subjects will focus on how to apply theory to solve specific problems.

You will be doing a lot of group work. In our opinion, this is the best way to prepare you for your working life once you have earned your degree.

Study trip

A study trip to an exciting European destination is a compulsory part of the programme. We will conduct analyses for specific companies, go on company visits and possibly visit a partner university. The student must expect an additional expense of approximately 5000 DKK for the trip.

Internship and final project

The fourth semester of the programme consists of an internship and a final project report. You have the opportunity to specialise according to your interests and career plans since you choose your own internship company and the subject of your final report. 

You begin the fourth semester with an internship in a relevant company in Denmark or elsewhere. The internship will allow you to combine your theoretical knowledge with the practical work you do in a company and you will acquire experience that you can benefit from. Although it is your own responsibility to find an internship company the Academy helps by making a long-range of contacts available to you. You can also go abroad for your internship. 

The final exam project is a large report where you must address a complex issue and set up a specific action plan to address a problem. Many students choose to write their final exam project in the company of their internship.

Apply for admission

This programme will no longer be available in English from 2022 and onwards.


In the 4th semester, you will do an internship in a company.

In your internship, you will get to test your newly acquired skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

In the internship, you can test a specific field of work and then focus your programme in relation to your career plans. As part of your internship, you must write a project report which is based on a problem statement from the company. Here, you will have the opportunity to specialise within your specific interests.

The internship is a mandatory part of your programme, and it is your responsibility to find an internship company. To help, we have a wide range of tools and contacts available, e.g. via our career centre.

Get advice from our student, Teddy, on how to find an internship in Denmark

Examples of internship companies

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad. Here are some examples of internship companies:

Cooperation with a lot of companies

Business Academy Aarhus has a close cooperation with a wide range of private and public companies. Contact with the business community creates real-life teaching – for the benefit of the students, the programme and the companies.

You will, first and foremost, encounter cooperation with the business community in connection with project work and your internship. We also invite guest speakers to contribute with their experience and the latest trends from the business community. In exams, we also use co-examiners from the business community.

Career options

The Marketing Management programme opens the doors to a wide range of job opportunities. 

To begin with, you will typically be employed as a:

  • marketing assistant or coordinator
  • purchasing agent or purchasing assistant
  • salesman, sales assistant, sales supporter or export salesman
  • digital marketing assistant
  • information officer or advertising consultant
  • account manager
  • product coordinator

The programme is also a good starting point for a career as a/an:

  • product manager
  • marketing manager
  • sales manager
  • sales-area manager
  • procurement assistant/manager
  • export manager
  • information manager
  • project manager

Continue with your education

An academy profession degree is a dynamic pathway to a higher education. See your options here: 

Bachelor’s degree

Build upon your Academy Profession degree and become a bachelor in 1½ years.

Digital Concept Development

Diploma degree programme (part-time)

A Diploma degree programme provides you with skills which are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree programme. You educate yourself on a part-time basis while you work. You must have 2 years of professional experience in order to be admitted.

On our diploma courses, teaching is in Danish.

Get more info on our diploma degree programmes here (in Danish)

Further studies at university

Please note that you may need to take supplementary courses to meet the admission requirements. Contact the university you wish to enrol at for further information.

BSc in Economics and Business Administration (HA)

After the Marketing Management programme, you can complete the bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Business Administration at Aarhus University in 2 years. Please note that this entails that you have taken the elective 'business economics'.

Diploma in Business Administration (HD 2nd part)

After working for a minimum of 2 years, you can take the 2nd part of this programme. Get more information (only in Danish)

Do you want to know more?

If you want to continue studying, you can get counselling from the educational institution that you want to be admitted to.

You are also welcome to contact our student and career counsellors for further information about careers and further education.

Student life

When you embark on a higher education programme with us, you'll get:

  • a top-quality internationally recognised degree
  • combined theory and practice in small classes of 20-35 students, which ensures close contact between lecturer and students
  • focus on learning in small teams, with real-life cases in collaboration with companies
  • a compulsory internship as well as excellent job opportunities during and after your studies
  • a great international experience in a vibrant, active and culturally diverse city
  • Danish lessons on campus
  • plenty of other social activities. 

Find more information on student life at Business Academy Aarhus

Info for international applicants

There are a lot of practical matters you need to know in order to get a good start and have a pleasant stay in Denmark.

Find information about housing, financial issues, permits ect. here

Get a buddy

All international students are offered a Buddy. A Buddy is a current Academy student, who volunteers to help new international students get off to a good start in Aarhus.

Get more information - and apply for a buddy here

Study satisfaction

Every two years we carry out – in cooperation with the Ministry and together with the other Danish educational institutions – a survey of the study satisfaction among our students. The survey is called ‘Learning barometer’.

See the latest results from the ‘Learning Barometer’ at Business Academy Aarhus here

Compare Higher Education programmes

On Uddannelseszoom (in Danish only), you can compare results from the ‘Learning Barometer’ across all higher education institutions in Denmark. You can, among other things, compare salary levels and see how graduates got their first job.

Teaching evaluation

Every year we carry out a teacher evaluation where our students evaluate the teaching they receive.

See the results of the latest teacher evaluation here