You can study the following programmes at Business Academy Aarhus in this area:

Marketing Management

AP degree - 2 years

Interested in international marketing, financial, legal, cultural and organisational issues? The programme is the first part of a Bachelor’s programme.

Financial Management and Services

Bachelor's degree - 3½ years

This programme is ideal for you if you would like to work with complex advisory, sales and consultancy tasks within accountancy for example.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

The programme for those who want to learn how to develop business ideas and test them in practice.

International Sales and Marketing Management

Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

For those of you who want to contribute with your professional knowledge of sales and marketing - also in relationship to global challenges. We focus on B2B, B2C and B2G.

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